Bonnie Decker
Very friendly, excellent pizza and we're in a hotel room so I asked for 4 plates and utensils. The man helping me gave us a handful of plates, napkins, and utensils! And the prices are great.
Georgina Kazan
Ate outside on a beautiful night with delicious food. I am Greek and am picky with my gyros- this was stellar. Euro special crepe was yummy too!
Ellee Myers
Quick trip to this little place was a good decision! It is near other enticing choices for sure, but this was the only curbside appeal for a fast and affordable choice. I stood in line behind a regular customer (good sign) . Food was FRESH. Great options! Crepes both sweet and savory.
What an amazing treat this was. The crepes were outstanding. So much flavor.
David Brown
Simply: Amazing. It is a hole in the wall with amazing food. Exactly what I am looking for when I think hole in the wall. Great food. Great location on a small center street. You are buying from the one who will most likely make your food Great servings. Everything is made with care and detail. It isn't trying to make it seem more, just basics executed well and good portions. I'm even more surprised at the variety while still good quality. I've tried the gyro, a savory crepe and a sweet crepe.
Bek A
Very delicious gyros in the area, big portions, fries are also tasty. Highly recommend to try out, and an ice cream as dessert after ;)
Brie Chen
This place is AWESOME!! super super authentic, both their gyros and crepes are delightful. their gyros are on a spit - so you know it's good, and their crepes are all fresh and homemade. crepe flavors are creative and amazing, very full of flavor and huge!! Can't wait to come here again